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by Sylvia


In the beginning, the wings had been more than awkward. Neither of them had known what to do with them. When Yue's slim form had been stretched out beneath Touya for the first time, he'd hurt him, inadvertently crushing the joint of one wing; when he sat up hastily to relieve his lover of his weight, he'd then trapped the tip of the other wing beneath his knee. Yue hadn't cried out or made a sound, but Touya had seen the pain in his eyes, and he never wanted to see it again.

It was a different problem when Yue was on his hands and knees – Touya wasn't so rough or so heavy that his weight hurt Yue's wings, but if Yue folded them the way he usually did, Touya was left holding a soft, warm expanse of feathers that smelled enticingly of his lover, but didn't grant him so much as a glimpse of skin. Yue tried stretching them out to the sides and fell flat on his face the first time Touya jostled him, harumphing into a pillow with such an air of injured dignity that Touya couldn't help laughing. This, in turn, had sent Yue into a gentle sulk he'd had to be nuzzled, caressed and licked out of. Touya had laid Yue down on his stomach, lifting the wings gently to the sides and pushing aside the shimmering hair to kiss the nape of his lover's neck. He'd nibbled down between his lover's shoulderblades and settled in to bite and nuzzle and lick the expanse of skin between the joints of the wings, where the skin was covered in the barest hint of baby-fine down and powerful muscles shifted beneath his touch; and Yue had shuddered in passion and made Touya bite his tongue and almost given him a black eye. The equivalent of an elbow to the face was enough to cool even Touya's ardour. Yue might look ethereal and delicate, but the bones of his wings were solid and heavily muscled, for all that they were cloaked in snowy white feathers softer than silk.

It had worked better standing up until Yue had wrapped his legs around Touya's hips and arched his back at the same time Touya leaned into him with his entire body, hungry for his love's mouth, and skin, and soul. Yue had had bruises that time, bruises that Touya had stroked gently, pushing his fingertips carefully through the feathers to massage healing salve into the discolored skin. It had made Yue shiver and sigh and lean back against him with his eyes closed and his lips parted slightly, inviting a kiss. Touya had accepted the invitation gladly, but it wasn't worth the price.

Looking back, it was hard to believe that he'd almost despaired of those wings.

Now, the wings folded around him, covering him in a full-body caress, whenever he moved in to kiss his love. Whenever he slid his arms around that slim body, Yue would surround him completely, blocking out the rest of the world to leave them in a universe of their own, a universe defined entirely by the beauty of his lover's cool lavender eyes, and silken silvery hair, and velvet feathers of the purest white. The white of snowdrifts lying untouched and dreaming beneath the light of the full moon... and their bodies meeting, their souls entwining even as their limbs did, breath mingling, soft words speaking of the other's beauty and perfection, and how much he was loved.

They had learned how the wings had to be spread slightly to the side when Yue sank down on the bed, how Touya's arms could slide around his lover without jostling them. Touya had learned to read the rustling sound of trembling wings when he pleasured his love with his mouth and hands, to distinguish between the languid shivering that meant yes, slowly, gently, more of that, and the almost frantic flutter that alternately begged and commanded now, harder, deeper, don't stop. Sometimes, Yue would fling his head back and his wings out as he came, just as though he were leaping into the night sky, throwing off all earthly fetters and merging with the beauty of the moon and stars. He was beautiful like that, so beautiful it hurt Touya to look at him. So beautiful it was a heavy weight in Touya's chest, burning in his throat and heart and sex, stinging his eyes like tears.

But then, he always was that beautiful.

When he made love to Yue now, there was no part of him that was not enveloped by his lover. Yue's perfect body opened to him willingly, taking him deep, enclosing him in welcoming heat and drugging pleasure. Muscular legs wrapped around his hips while strong arms pressed his upper body close, strong slender hands stroked his shoulders, his back, his buttocks. A cool mouth heated eagerly for him. To-ya, he would say, the harsh note of need and desire raw in the beautiful, smooth voice. To-ya. And the wings enfolded Touya from head to foot, stroking, rubbing, silken feathers enflaming his sensitized skin everywhere – his arms, his sides, his calves, his thighs. Sometimes, Yue would slide one wing up between Touya's legs, and if Touya held out long enough, he would stroke up rhythmically as Touya thrust, picking up the rhythm of their bodies, mercilessly torturing inner thighs, testicles, perineum. Sometimes, if Touya held out long enough, Yue would slide both hands down to his lover's buttocks and open them even as he pushed himself into the tight heat of Yue's body, and the tantalizing brush of warm feathers would glide against his opening, rubbing firmly and retreating to a mere hint of a touch, echoing the thrusts of his cock pushing into Yue. He would scream when he came, and Yue's wings would clench around him with the same force of his arms and legs, and they would be as close as it was possible for two beings to be while both were still wearing their physical bodies.

Touya always tried to hold out as long as he could.

When Yue was on his stomach, Touya slipped beneath the cover of the wings, snowy white pinions settling over him almost protectively with Yue's contented sigh. Touya had learned to hold the graceful limbs steady when he nibbled at their base and Yue bucked beneath him, choked little cries he was too proud to utter dying in his throat. There was a trick to hooking his elbows around the wings when he slid his arms around his lover, lifting him against his chest.

They weren't like birds' wings. Touya had explored them and knew every bone, muscle and sinew in the graceful limbs, had intimate knowledge of every inch of the surprisingly soft and sensitive skin. He'd fingered every long and raptor-like primary and secondary. He knew the different shapes and sizes of the alula and the coverts layering the wings from the tip of the phalanges right to the join of wing and body, where the soft silvery down melted into soft silvery hair.

They were extremely sensitive. Blowing lightly against the downy vanes of the feathers nearest his body gave Yue goosebumps, licking the skin beneath made Yue shiver and grow hard. The elegant muscles running the length of the wing, tapering gracefully towards the manus, trembled beneath Touya's touch when he parted the feathers to slide his fingers in to the warm, silken skin beneath, stroking, caressing. There was a certain spot just to the side of the carpal joint – what Touya thought of as the wrist – that, when massaged, would make the wing fan out to its full stretch; if you were gentle and licked and bit the spot first, Yue would give a deliciously helpless little moan as it did. Yue cried out when Touya nuzzled the shafts of the feathers, leaning into the outstretched wings' pinions; he made sounds that sounded almost broken when Touya stroked firmly but gently through the feathers with both hands, fingers spread wide, careful not to catch on anything and hurt Yue.

No one thought much of it if he stroked Yue's wings, neatly folded against his back, when they were out with his sister and her friends. Yue had turned a delicious shade of pale pink the first times he had done it, but hadn't asked him to stop. Touya loved watching his lover struggle to uphold his aloof, arrogant facade when Touya was sliding his fingers through warm feathers, fingertips caressing silken skin, toying with the calami of the feathers. Yue's eyes would widen, his pupils dilate, his cheekbones take on that delectable hint of a blush... his mouth, wanting to soften and open, would press into a haughty white line. Yue was beautiful when he was aroused. Yue was always beautiful.

Sometimes, Touya made Yue lie on his stomach and lift up his wings so he could straddle his lover's waist and proceed to nibble, lick, nuzzle, caress, stroke and massage every inch of each wing. Sometimes, he made it through both wings without succumbing to Yue's commands and almost-threats. If he did, and if neither of them had come yet, their couplings were wild, out of control, Yue clawing at the bedding and tossing his head wildly. His wings would be beating, cool wind and heated feathers stinging Touya's face and neck and chest, and Touya would close his eyes and press forward, holding on to the bedframe so they weren't thrown off the bed by the updraft. And Yue would scream, full-throated, when he came.

He would scream Touya's name.

Yuki, Touya would say afterwards, lying with his lover wrapped up in his arms. And Yue would smile and burrow deeper into his embrace and echo I love you, wings folded tightly around the both of them.



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