Because every fandom needs a Highlander crossover. This is an excerpt from an unfinished longer story that may one day be finished.

Highlander: The Sparkly Years.

by Sylvia

It's just a stupid thing, really – nothing more than a loose bit of fake fur that drops off of Jin's costume when he does the scooting turn-and-jump thing in the middle of the first chorus. Everyone down below ducks to the sides and Junno is right on the beat when he takes a running start and flips end over end down to the lower stage, controlled and balanced and ready to twist into the sideways turn and reverse –

And his foot comes down on something that slides and the momentum is too powerful and there is no way he can catch himself although he tries, tries to twist and then everything goes blinding white and black and soundless

And then the pain hits and Junno tries to groan and tries not to move, and neither works. But the pain recedes after a moment and turns almost bearable, pooling in his chest and his leg.

He can't breathe right, and when he opens his eyes there's something over his face.


He sits up and flails a little and the something falls away – it was a blanket. And he's lying on the cot in the medical service room, and there's some kind of commotion in the corridor outside that really isn't doing Junno's headache any good.

Wasn't he just on the stage a moment ago? He must have hit his head pretty badly…

Junno feels gingerly along the back and sides of his skull, but nothing hurts.

"I'm sorry, I just – you shouldn't," says an unfamiliar voice, clearly audible even through the wood of the door. "I don't think you really want to do this to yourselves, it's –"

"But we want to see him," says Koki. Koki sounds really weird, like he has a bad cold all of a sudden.

Junno slides off the cot and just stays there for a moment while the dizziness and the almost painfully intense prickling in his legs and arms and all over passes. It seems that every single one of his limbs fell asleep, which is a first, and his mouth is all gummy and tastes like the inside of Jin's fridge, and he's freezing. Whoever covered him with the blanket sure had the right idea. Maybe they were trying to keep his nose from catching frostbite or something.

He tugs open the door to a crowded corridor. All of the guys are hanging around, as well as a double serving of juniors plus assorted personnel. Every single member of the small crowd is staring at Junno with the identical wide-eyed, glassily fixed expression.

The burly paramedic that has been blocking the door turns around and gives a weird little squawk.

Junno has to clear his dust-dry throat twice before any sound will come out. "Hey, guys – what's going on?"

Jin screams at the top of his lungs, long and high-pitched, and turns and runs away. A clutch of juniors follow him, all but falling over each other. Koki – already pale and red-eyed – bursts into messy, inelegant tears, and Kame is opening and closing his mouth like a fish, not a single word coming out.

"Uh," Junno says uncertainly, and tries a sheepish smile. "So, I guess I kind of messed up the concert, huh?"


"Interesting," says Johnny.

Junno ducks his head guiltily and huddles deeper into his nice, warm blanket, clutching his supersized mug of hot tea.

"Interesting?" squeaks Jin, over from where he's pressed into the far corner. "Interesting?"

Ueda pokes Junno in the back of the head. Junno eyes him reproachfully, but doesn't say anything – it hasn't helped the first two dozen times, after all.

"Alright," Johnny amends his earlier assessment of the situation. "Very interesting. You, uhm. You!"

"Taguchi Junnosuke," Junno supplies automatically, while Johnny hardly interrupts the flow of his speech, merely nodding impatiently.

"Right, Taguchi. You managed to break your neck and die on stage in the middle of a concert – which is highly unprofessional, by the way – and then came back to life almost two hours later, after the concert was over. I've seen a lot of talents in my life, but that has to be one of the most remarkable ones. Let me make a phone call."

And he does.

Nakamaru brings Junno more tea while they wait; the others watch him with varying amounts of wariness and fascination. Jin shows no signs of wanting to budge from his corner any time soon.

But – wait a minute. "After the concert was over...?" Junno says faintly. "Hang on. I died and you didn't cancel the concert?"

"Uh, well," says Kame, rather guiltily. "The show must go on?"

"It's policy." Johnny snaps his phone shut and waves an impatient hand. "Insurance would kick up a huge fuss about refunding the tickets. It's hard to be sure how serious an injury is until a throrough examination has taken place. We can't interrupt a concert for every twisted ankle."

"I broke my neck!"

Next to Junno, Koki breaks into a renewed attack of sobs, sounding like an asthmatic walrus. Junno tries not to be too obvious about gently extracting his hand from Koki's vise-like grip and carefully wiping off the tears and the snot.


Johnny calls Junno the next morning, and – for the first time ever – remembers his name. "Nothing to worry about, Taguchi," he says. "It's all arranged for. Can you do kendo?"

This seems like just one more in a long line of typically weird Johnny questions until a couple of weeks later, when a madman with a sword tries to take Junno's head off when he's just popping out for a minute to buy some instant ramen at the conbini.

Luckily, Junno is really twisty and nimble, and has really long legs, too.


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