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X-Men First Class Supernatural Smallville Entourage Once A Thief Nibelungenlied

X-Men First Class

The Persistence of Iron

Waking up in a lab with no memories and a blue-eyed stranger calling him by someone else's name is only the beginning of Erik's problems.
48,000 words. AU. Charles/Erik slash. Rated PG-13. Published Jul 20 2012.

The Fall of Magneto

Erik falls. Charles is there to catch him. And it all ends up on Youtube the next morning.
1,400 words. Charles/Erik slash, or possibly gen. Rated G. Published Jan 13 2013.


Last Truce

Dean never stops whining about his stupid car.
1,400 words. AU. Gen. Potentially disturbing content. Rated G. Published May 14 2006.

Achieving Indigo

Sam and Dean experience unusual complications.
8,000 words. AU. Dean/Sam slash. Potentially disturbing content. Rated NC-17. Published Jul 3 2006.

Into the Jungle

The first time John saw Mary, he hardly noticed her – not her as a person. He just saw a round-eyed woman in fatigues, the drab, shapeless green revealing only hints of curves when she moved. Later, he was never sure it really had been Mary.
2,500 words. Gen. Potentially disturbing content. Rated PG-13. Published Nov 4 2007.


Something odd is going on with Dean. Sam suspects the Viking.
2,000 words. Gen. Rated G. Published Apr 6 2008.

Five Worlds the Winchesters Never Visited

A series of short, unrelated crossovers. 
Gen. Rated G. Published Feb 2007.

Flirting With Death

The third time a reaper comes for him, Dean doesn't even try to talk his way out of it. Third time's the charm, as they say.
Highlander. 700 words. 

Bending the Rules

The kid's a little old, but Jareth hasn't exactly been inundated with pleas from mortals to come take their kids off their hands lately. Humans have grown depressingly oblivious to the magic that surrounds them.
Labyrinth. 1,000 words. 


Gojyo heard them from about a mile away. They'd parked their car by the side of the road, made a lot of noise rummaging around the trunk, and then set off through the woods, heading pretty much straight for the lake.
Gensoumaden Saiyuki. 1,000 words. 


Sam was laughing, the bastard. Blood running down his face and bones crunching underneath his feet and one arm stuck to the wall and the giant black hairy corpse leaking something foul onto the ground right next to him – and Sam was laughing.
Lord of the Rings. 700 words. 

If Ever a Whiz There Was

"You know, I hate to say this," Dean said after the house had settled. "But I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."
Wizard of Oz. 100 words. 



What if the Kents had taken a different road home that day, and Lionel Luthor had been the one to find the stranded alien child and his spaceship?
18,600 words. AU. Gen. Rated G. Published Apr 14 2003.

The Legend of Nightshade

Lex often considered designing a secret identity for himself. Not that it would fool his arch-nemesis for so much as a moment, but when everyone else was romping around in skin-tight spandex using childishly descriptive comic-book names, why shouldn't Lex?
2,000 words. Gen. Rated G. Published Feb 22 2003.


Zen and the Art of Scheming

Vince loses his Zen, it's all E's fault, and Vince is simply not going to put up with it.
12,800 words. Vince/E slash. Rated NC-17. Published Sep 10 2007.

Once a Thief

Men at Some Time

Vic takes stock of his life and decides what the problem has been all along. Time to make some changes.
18,200 words. Vic/Mac slash. Rated NC-17. Published Jul 16 1999.

Nibelungenlied (MS B)

In a Strange Land

Suddenly appearing castles are never a good sign. Hagen von Tronege investigates.
2,000 words. Crossover with Eschenbach's Parzival. Gen. Rated G. Published Apr 12 2003.