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Gensoumaden Saiyuki From Eroica, With Love Revolutionary Girl Utena
Tokyo Babylon / X 1999 Card Captor Sakura Weiss Kreuz

Gensoumaden Saiyuki

Negative Movement

Gojyo's been feeling kinda off for a couple days or so. Turns out it's not the flu.
2,500 words. Potentially disturbing content. Hakkai/Gojyo slash. Rated R. Published Jul 07 2011.

Distant Relations

"Well, well," the water-imp said, a distinct hint of condescension in his tone. "What a surprise."
1,200 words. Gen. Rated G. Published Jan 2 2006.


Living Force swirled around the gambler. Hadrian could almost see it, the power stroking against his senses like liquid velvet – and Hadrian had always been woefully imperceptive when it came to this particular manifestation of the Force. 
1,300 words. Crossover with Star Wars. Gen. Rated G. Published Jun 19 2005.


Gojyo encounters a green-eyed stranger on the road, but cannot save him. Instead, he saves someone else. 
3,000 words. AU. Rated PG-13. Published Jan 16 2005.


Sha Gojyo isn't what anyone needs, really. Or is he?
1,000 words. Hakkai/Gojyo slash. Rated PG. Published Nov 28 2004.


Gojyo heard them from about a mile away. They'd parked their car by the side of the road, made a lot of noise rummaging around the trunk, and then set off through the woods, heading pretty much straight for the lake.
1,000 words. Crossover with Supernatural. Gen. Rated G. Published Feb 13 2007.

From Eroica, With Love


Klaus attends a cousin's wedding at Schloss Eberbach. So does Dorian, for very different reasons.
27,600 words. Potentially disturbing content. Klaus/Dorian slash. Rated NC-17. Published May 5 1999.

Revolutionary Girl Utena


Boys were meant to be Princes, Touga had always known that. As it turned out, that was the entire problem.
1,600 words. Gen. Rated G. Published Jul 14 2002.

Ever After

Saionji is given the chance to return to Ohtori after his expulsion. Except that almost no-one remembers him, and everything is changed - he himself most of all.
43,900 words. Potentially disturbing content. Saionji/Touga slash. Rated NC-17. Published Jul 14 2002.

Tokyo Babylon / X 1999

An Eye for an Eye

Waking up was his first clue that somewhere along the way, something had not gone according to plan.
1,800 words. Crossover. Gen. Rated G. Published Jan 3 2005.

Sakura Dreams

The sakura dreamt.
100 words. Gen. Rated G. Published Apr 15 2005.


He'd once asked her what it felt like, the eternal presence of something so powerful – within herself, but apart. Death itself, but more alive than any living creature; mute, still and devoid of thought and yet filled with will and implacable purpose.
1,100 words. Potentially disturbing content. Gen. Rated G. Published Nov 04 2001.

Card Captor Sakura


In the beginning, the wings had been more than awkward. Neither of them had known what to do with them. 
1,700 words. Yue/Touya slash. Rated R. Published Jul 14 2002.

Weiss Kreuz

That Elf Thing

Inappropriate elf snippet. 
300 words. Crack. Gen. Rated G. Published Jan 4 2003.

Kudou Yohji, Sex God of the Suburbs

Warnings: Satire. Psychology. Ensetophilia. 
500 words. Crack. Rated G. Published Dec 23 2002.